Gone Studio Launched a Green Sheep of the iPad Sleeve Family

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  • Greensleeve from Gone Studio screenshot

The Greensleeve by Gone Studio would certainly appeal to all those, who care about our planet. This tablet sleeve is crafted out of 100% natural sheep wool felt and is the most eco-friendly tablet protection ever made. No plastic, no electricity or waste, only hand and foot-powered equipment were used during the production.

The wool material is not only eco-friendly and generally great to look at and feel, it’s also thick enough to offer your Apple iPad enough protection to guard the tablet from bumps and impacts on the outside and keep it scratch free on the inside. The new handmade sleeve can accommodate both iPad and iPad 2.

The new Apple iPad case features an easy-open metallic button snap closure, which keeps the sleeve shut and the tablet inside the case, when not in use. Don’t worry about scratching your tablet with this button, the Apple iPad 2 case covers it with natural cork piece. The new case is available in kiwi green or charcoal gray colors.

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