Tablet Insight: Cupid’s Cases

Valentines Day cases

Who says money can’t buy love? Lennon and McCartney? What did they know anyway? Perhaps money can’t buy love, but a well-chosen and thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift is a good start. With so many to choose from, though, you’ll want some fresh insight into what makes a case.

Head over Heels in Love

Certain stages of a relationship have different moments of love. If your partner is in a phase where she or he is “head over heels” then you should always be aware of how best to protect the tablet. Daydreaming and clumsiness can be good for a relationship, but dangerous for that Apple iPad 2 or Amazon Kindle Fire.

For good protection all around a tablet that will safeguard it from drops, impacts, scratches and dings, Capdase has it covered. The “Koat” in Red gives you protection so you can continue to stare up at the clouds, punch drunk in love, and not watch where you’re going.

Capdase the Koat

One of the other great Capdase cases for preventing tablet damage from love-induced clumsiness is the “Slek” design. Simply slip in your Apple iPad2 and you’re ready to head out the door for your Valentine’s Day date.

Capdase Slek

Made for Each Other

Do you believe in soul mates? If you and your partner are have been together for a long time now and there is no doubt that the two of you are made for each other, then why not invest in a case to reflect that bond.
A great case that is especially crafted for the Apple iPad2 is Hoco’s ultra slim leather stand-case in pink. With customs cut-outs for the tablet and an incredibly useful stand for watching videos of typing emails, this case was made for the Apple iPad just as you are for your special someone.

Hoco ultra slim leather stand case

Kiss and Make up

Sometimes, relationships hit the rocks. If you’ve done something that has put you “in the doghouse” and you want to make it up to your lover, why not try something that will impress her and have her forgetting all about why you were fighting. Here at Tablet2Cases, we have a selection of luxury tablet cases that won’t set you back too far but will go a long way in relationship upkeep.

A simple, top-class design comes from the Turkish company Beyza Cases for the Apple iPad 2. Made entirely from genuine leather , this case kind of imitates the Apple Smart Cover but gives all around protection.

Beyza Cases iPad 2 Executive

Love Handles

If you want to use this Valentine’s Day to give your special someone a hint about keeping fit and trim, check our tablet bags that come with handles .

Mapi Cases leather, crocodile-grain case for the Apple iPad or iPad 2 has an excellent design for people on the go. If your partner is constantly carrying his tablet here and there, then you might want to consider this stylish design with built-in handles.

Mapi Cases Leather tablet case with handles

For her, we have a great Wardmaster shoulder bag for the Apple iPad. With this case, she can carry the tablet anywhere and have a nice bit of extra protection. Plus, there’s some space in the case for carrying a few belongings. Not a replacement for a purse, but a good start.

Wardmaster iPad Shoulder Bag

The Right Case?

In the end, all these cases have a special design that is just right for your Valentine. I can only point you in the right direction and offer some expert tips—now it’s up to you chose and giftwrap your tablet case!

Tablet Insight is a weekly column by Thomas Andersen that focuses on the innovative tablet uses and considers what is the most compatible and necessary tablet case.
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