Remember Your Arcade Childhood With the iCade Case From ION

  • ION iCade

ION presented iCade – a one-of-a-kind tablet clam case designed as an arcade cabinet. The new case looks like a mini-version of an arcade game and indeed allow the Apple iPad to function as one. The case is crafted from wood material and keeps the tablet safe from bumps and bruises in case you get overexcited playing your favorite games.

The new Apple iPad case comes with free Atari Greatest Hits application which allows the user to play such classic arcade games as Asteroids, Battlezone, Centipede and many others. The case also features original, full-sized controls to provide a unique, genuine arcade gaming experience.

The unique retro design and properties of the iCade make this tablet case a true collector’s item. Turn back the time with original gaming experience from Atari and breathe a new life into your iPad.

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for $69.99.

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