The New iPad Gets a Grip On its Senses With a New Ergonomic Case

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Dmitry Hanuka is seeking funding through Kickstarter for Grip Sense – a cool back protector designed to accommodate the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad. The best feature of the new case is its gripping contour, which puts a soft and comfy material between the device and users’ palms.

The new iPad case distributes the weight of the tablet evenly, delivering a balanced way to hold the device. In addition to a much better way to hold the iPad, the Grip Sense provides solid protection from bumps and bruises and even drops thanks to the durable, yet soft TPU material construction.

The Apple iPad 2 case also comes with a snap-on cover to shield the tablet’s screen when not in use. All ports and buttons of the device are kept open to access with the case attached to the pad. The case will be available in several attractive colors.

Pledges of $29 or more will get you the case.

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