Established 1969
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Based in Worcester Massachusetts, Abas is a small independent maker of superbly crafted leather accessories. Similar in quality and style as those produced by famed fashion houses, Abas goods are preferred by trendy high-end shoppers because of their more affordable cost. Abas uses the finest European leathers, in an array of seasonal colors and textured grains for presenting a luxurious contemporary style.

The company’s "Digital Life" collection currently includes 4 Abas iPad cases and 2 Abas Kindle Fire cases, each priced between $70 and $160. Beginning with the Simple Sleeve for iPad & iPad2, all the others are styled as tablet folio cases and business tablet cases. Functioning like a miniature briefcase, Abas cases are a perfect compliment for sophisticated business professionals and their devices.

Clutches and handbags for women, wallets for men, and now leather tablet cases for both, Abas accessories are showcased at boutiques, specialty shops and some of the world’s leading department stores. Speaking of wallets, you will need a thick one to buy Abas tablet cases, but their quality, function and design make them a valuable return on your investment.

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