Established 2010
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As a branch-company of AE Tech Co., Acase was launched in 2010. Located in New Taipei City, Taiwan, this subsidiary focuses on developing and distributing its own line of products, which include Acase tablet cases, as well as additional accessories for tablet computer users.

This company offers some of the most inexpensive cases on the market today. Ranging between $20-$50, Acase iPad cases appear to have hit the ground running. Their cases can be ideal choices for those who have little money remaining as a result of their tablet purchase. However, be cautious with your limited resources since Acase tablet case reviews do imply that there are issues regarding the genuine quality of this company’s products.

It is a widely understood belief that buyers typically get what they pay for, so perhaps not much confidence can be felt with a low-cost Acase case protecting your high-end device. The company does post product demonstrations on YouTube, and when combined with customer reviews, shall provide enough information to help consumers decide whether or not to buy Acase tablet cases.

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