Established 2002
Origin ITALY
Link Website
Product range Small

In 1994, Domenico Vacca founded ITALIA magazine, a publication about Italian culture and products. As editor-in-chief, he began investing in companies that specialized in handmade clothing and accessories, which ultimately inspired him to launch his own exclusive fashion label in 2002. Known for designing and producing fashion merchandise of exceptional luxury and quality, this fashion-world superstar enters the tablet case market with his line of tablet designer cases .

This Italian fashion-house giant has developed the Domenico Vacca iPad case , a handmade case made of genuine alligator skin, with a price that will sink its teeth into the fattest wallets. At a staggering cost of $3,900USD, this is the most expensive luxury tablet case you will find on the market today. Given its high-end sophistication, it is only appropriate that this company mainly targets celebrities and those who maintain a glamorously rich lifestyle.

Those of you with a restricted budget, rather than re-mortgaging your house, can find other low-cost options made of faux-materials that reflect similar luxury. If you are indeed a lucky individual who has achieved fame and fortune, and is capable of handling the onslaught of the paparazzi, then we highly recommend you buy Domenico Vacca tablet cases.


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