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Domeo is a US company that specializes in delivering the most comfortable and quality accessories for the Apple iPad user-community. Launched in 2012, the manufacturer blends personal experiences with hours of research into iPad usability and incorporates hand-picked materials to create the best combination of functionality, style and durability. Carefully crafted with their users in mind, each and every Domeo case allows the iPad owner to enjoy his/her tablet in a more comfortable way.

Domeo makes cases for every model Apple iPad tablet. The Loft Folio ($70) is a combination of a tablet stand and folio case. Other featured folios include the Recliner Folio ($60) and Grip Folio ($40) with built-in hand strap. Both the Recliner and Grip folios are also available in the iPad Mini size. Finally, the Tri Lounge ($60) is an innovative tablet stand perfect for relaxing use of the iPad in bed.

The company has identified some of the most popular scenarios for the iPad tablet and currently offers an accessory to match. Affordable price tags, high-quality construction, and functional, user-friendly designs are the driving factors that may inspire many iPad owners to buy Domeo tablet cases.


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