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For the young couple that founded this Delaware based company back in 2003, their honeymoon isn't over yet! Beginning as part-time makers of car decals, the Decal Girl and her partner have flourished as a company that creates removable skins for covering millions of electronic devices, now including DecalGirl cases for a range of popular tablet PCs. From a humble basement room, the couple now teams up with a staff of more than 30 at a large production facility, where each order is printed on demand and completed within one to two business days.

DecalGirl specializes in creating tablet skins, and they are committed to offer the best quality designs at the best price. Those interested to buy DecalGirl tablet skins will find a wide-assortment of colorful, imaginative patterns to compliment a range of tablets and their owners. Each DecalGirl skin is made of cast vinyl that is sealed with a fade-resistant UV, so the user can take comfort in knowing whichever image he/she selects will last just as long as their gadget will survive against basic everyday wear and tear.

When many companies are focusing on developing products to serve the most popular tablet cases atop the market, the DecalGirl is sure to stick around with products that can be applied to nearly any tablet brand. If you want to give your tablet computer some added bling, then you should definitely check out the great values that this company is known to deliver.


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