Established 2000
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Established in 2000, the Hong Kong-based InnoPocket specializes in producing accessories for PDA’s and digital mobile devices. Since they are another Chinese manufacturer that communicates little information, we are left to presume that Innopocket is a producer of fashionable and innovative accessories of superior quality.

What can be known for certain about this company, is that they currently offer several Innopocket iPad cases . Most of these products are tablet stand case , with a price ($15 - $35) that will clearly target those who seek a low-cost option. The company’s recent introduction, the Elite Folio case ($199), is a carbon fiber folding tablet case that is "designed for trendy executives and race car enthusiasts" (obviously, since Wall Street-types, and those who attend F1 races, are the few select individuals with the resources to pay for this particular accessory).

Though the company currently offers a limited collection of accessories, they look to attract a wide base of iPad 2 owners. Frugal shoppers, casual users, big-spending business professionals and risk-seekers, these individuals are all targeted to buy Innopocket tablet cases.


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