Established 2009
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Maric Fine Goods is a small brand founded and headed by Mary Brotebeck Van Haaften, who describes herself as: "a creative person who loves design, cooking and all things handmade." Based in Grand Rapids Michigan, Mary specializes in making accessories for the home and personal use. Some of the handmade recipes she cooks up include: stone necklaces, pillowcases, storage bins, totes and Maric Fine Goods cases for laptop/tablet PCs.

Mary creates tablet sleeves for the iPads and Kindles. She uses heavy-duty industrial felt and incorporates a small closure strap. Designs are available in a range of colors, and can be customized with monogramming or logo to make them more personal for the user. Those interested to buy Maric Fine Goods tablet cases will need to inquire about price. And those who don’t own an iPad or Kindle may also want to ask Mary about building a sleeve to match their tablet’s specifications.

Maric Fine Goods tablet cases can best be described by the brand name. Each is a fine quality handmade case that offers good protection for the fitted device. But these designer cases aren’t just about serving devices. They also compliment the user with some classy, stylish looks and a soft, comfortable grip.


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