Established 2010
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Headquartered in California, Mophie is a self-proclaimed "powerhouse of creative energy." The company maintains a persistent commitment toward creating accessories that are engaging, innovative and bring delight to the user, and have developed an assortment of various electronic product collections which include adapters, batteries, gaming solutions, mobile payment devices, and Mophie cases.

The brand currently offers a line of three Mophie iPad cases , available in two different styles. The Workbook, available for both versions of the Apple iPad, is a folio case that is priced at $30USD to target the budget consumer. And the Covermate is a smart cover for the iPad 2 , with a price tag of $50 USD to compete with other mid-range products.

Although Mophie currently introduces a limited selection of choice, they can still appeal to a wide target audience with accessories that occupy both the low and mid-range section of this market. With the designs and styles they incorporate, this company will attract business professionals and the casual user to buy Mophie tablet cases.


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