Established 2009
Origin USA
Link Website
Product range Medium

Moncarbone, or ‘my carbon’, strives to create advanced, efficient and high-quality products that will suit the modern lifestyle of consumers. This company can be recognized by its red-crested crane logo, which was chosen to represent the featherweight and thin quality of their carbon-fiber Moncarbone cases, which are specifically designed for Apple mobile devices.

The company’s collection of products includes several models of Moncarbone iPad cases . All are basic tablet protectors , which are available in three different shades of color and luminosity. They offer two cases for the iPad 1, priced at $45USD to target mid-range consumers, and three others for the iPad 2 that are priced at $80USD to occupy the higher section of the market.

By incorporating carbon fiber materials, precisely cut and molded for each specific electronic device, Moncarbone creates accessories that will make your device look polished and trim. The company proclaims that the powerful properties of carbon fiber cannot be explained, but rather it needs to be experienced. So go ahead and buy Moncarbone tablet cases and feel the prowess of their durable and lightweight material.


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