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It wouldn’t surprise us if you recognize this brand name, after all, French designer Yves Saint Laurent is a legend in the history of fashion. His achievements include introducing the tuxedo suit for women, as well as being the first designer to use ethnic models in his runway shows. Yves Saint Laurent is also recognized for popularizing trends like the ‘beatnik’ look, safari jackets, tight pants and thigh-high boots. In 1983, he became the first living fashion designer to be honored by the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art with a solo exhibition.

This fashion house’s current collection also includes a nice assortment of Yves Saint Laurent cases, a majority of them are leather cases that showcase a giant embossed YSL logo. The men’s collection offers the “YCON iPad Case” ($650) - a folio case, and the “Vivan Small Messenger Bag” ($795) and “Hampton’s Soft Pouch” ($595) can also accommodate a tablet computer. The women’s collection offers a variety of tablet sleeves with pull-tab feature, available in many different shades of leather ($380-$450), as well as a “Leopard Printed Calfskin” model ($790). There is also the “CHYC iPad Case” ($750), a tablet folio similar to the men’s version.

While many high-fashion designers enter this particular market with just one or a few designs, Yves Saint Laurent offers quite a variety of choices, an ample selection of tablet cases for ladies in particular. Certainly those loyal to this iconic fashion label will have no trouble finding the motivation to buy Yves Saint Laurent tablet cases.


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