Established 2007
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Product range Medium

Moshi operates as an exclusive brand of Aevoe, a large company that was established to design clean, elegant and innovative products for consumer electronics. With an eye for stylish functionality, this Californian company recognizes itself as a purveyor of electronics fashion. Moshi respects high-end gadgets, and so they remain very meticulous about the selection of materials and form designs in creating products that are built to preserve the overall value of your device.

The company currently offers 5 types of Moshi cases including folio tablet cases, hard cases, tablet sleeves and screen protectors. These accessories reflect this company’s commitment to carefully select unique materials that will preserve your device while providing it with style. Perhaps even more important, Moshi cases will preserve many budgets with a price range ($30-55USD) that targets both the low and mid-range consumers.

With their collection of accessories, Moshi will satisfy a variety of functionality demands, as well as those concerned with affordability. While they are in fact a ‘Green’ company that is committed to environmental stewardship, they do not demand much green from your wallet, which should ultimately persuade you to buy Moshi tablet cases.


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