With one of the more popular tablet case features, shoulder strap cases are designed for users frequently on-the-go to carry their devices hands-free. Some tablet cases with shoulder straps include lots of extra space for accessories and even other electronics, thus providing functionality beyond serving merely as a carrier for the tablet.

The simplest (and often least expensive) variety of this feature cases is the classic, satchel-type shoulder tablet bag. In these cases, the device fits snugly into the carrier which provides some padding for extra interior protection. A short strap is attached to the tablet shoulder case for carrying. Portability is emphasized in these tablet cases, and nearly all models are crafted from lightweight materials. Simpler shoulder strap cases may be made of plastic, leather, faux-leather or even animal skin, while the more functional models are usually made of nylon-based material. Some models have detachable hand straps, while higher-end shoulder cases will provide extra damage-proofing and inner straps to secure the tablet.

Potential owners of a shoulder strap case will of course want to check the strap itself as well as the ringlets which anchor the strap – both items must be of proper quality in order for the case to last into the long term.


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