Smart Cover-compatible cases are for those Apple iPad users who already have a Smart Cover for their device but would like some extra protection or greater totability. Despite the pluses of Smart Covers, the main disadvantage of many is that the back of the tablet is exposed to dings, scratches and greater damage – Smart Cover-compatible cases solve this problem.

Smart cover compatible tablet cases may come in any number of styles, including back protectors, bags, sleeves, and others. These cases are also typically noted for their light weight. Backer-style Smart Cover-compatible cases are typically made of polycarbonate or something similar, while sleeves and other covers are often made of plastic or TPU.

Those extremely loyal to Apple and its products may find something of a disadvantage in the great majority of Smart Cover-compatible cases, namely that the models are not actually officially licensed products. The best such tablet cases are those that most approximate and compliment Apple’s designs.



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