Metal tablet cases and covers are touted for their high durability and quality protection are metal. While for the tablet, metal cases are most commonly comprised of aluminum or steel, a great many more types are available which utilize other materials are also available. In models based on silicon or some other alloy, the light weight expected in a tablet case is maintained.

Metal tablet cases are generally styled as back protectors, folios, keyboard cases and rugged & tough cases. The pliability of metal materials in the manufacture process allow for an entire range of colors and fashions to be offered on the market, though true individualized cases may be slightly difficult to find.

Because of their tensile strength, metal case tablets may be made extremely thinly and sleekly, adding the absolute minimum of bulk to the tablet for portage. In the metal case, the tablet typically snaps in for a snug fit and most models will allow the owner to use the tablet without fully removing the device.


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