Wooden tablet cases are touted as offering top-quality protection with a naturally inflexible material, along with a very distinctive and stylish look for the user. Craftsmanship is key in these pieces, and many personalized and handmade tablet cases may be found in all-natural wood.

For the tablet, wood cases often most resemble a thin box in the tablet book case style. Such a case opens at the top, with a lid attached to the case by way of metal hinges. Wood may also be used in tablet skins; in these, the tablet is cradled in the case, with a bit of a border producing a frame effect. In these models, accessibility to ports, buttons and such is made possible by the openings in the molded case.

Almost without exception, wood tablet cases sport the natural grain look typical of such products, with the only variation provided by the type of wood used to create it. While this material would normally be more susceptible to scratching and water damage than many used in such cases, wooden tablet cases are almost always given a finish of hard lacquer to help prevent these problems.


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