Rugged & tough tablet cases offer protection against the most extreme elements and are built to withstand and defend against serious impact.

The best rugged tablet cases are highly durable, suitable for outdoor use and as lightweight as possible. In appearance, the range of rugged & tough tablet cases is wide. Some rugged cases allow the tablet to be inset behind a screen protector which reduces glare. Other tough cases are in the tablet sleeve style and have strong impact padding to protect the device. Some even have a battery pack installed for longer use. A few such cases feature a strap held by metal rings embedded into the case at top.

Due to the extra space needed for serious protection, the rugged & tough tablet case will generally add bulk to the device, reducing convenience of carrying. Most quality rugged cases keep the weight low and the primary material in these tough tablet cases is usually plastic, polymer or rubber.

This category is featured in our annual Tablet2Cases Golden Case Awards. Check out past winners and nominees for Best Rugged Case in 2012 and 2013.

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