Tablet Insight: Is It Spring Yet?

Tablet Insight: Spring

It is never too early to start getting excited about spring. If you’re from a snowy or chilly part of the world, you know the kind of feeling I’m talking about: the first day of the year you can go outside without your jacket, the first day you can take a car ride with the windows down, the first days when grass starts to appear from underneath layers of melting snow.

For those of you who are familiar with these wonders of changing seasons, it can be a sublime moment. With these great changes in mind, how does one navigate the fervor of springtime tablet using? Here’s a few ideas for the spring time.

Spring/Summer Collections

This is the time when northern hemisphere fashion designers are releasing their new collections for the spring and summer. Hasso has come out with a nicely-priced ($85) design with muted colors, fleece lining and a funky little hand strap . Trend-setter for 2012? You be the judge.

Hasso The Daza iPad sleeve

Time for Pastels?

Some people get into the spring time pastel look. Flowers, painted eggs, jelly beans—you know what I’m talking about. If you need a case to match, then why not consider a few colorful varieties.

If you are into the muted pastel look, try out one the many pink cases we have here at tablet2cases. For example, “Ace Flip Case” from CaseCrown cases for the Amazon Kindle Fire has nice, subdued pink tone that is not too flashy but will get you feeling the post-winter vibe.

CaseCrown Kindle Fire Ace Flip Case

Oh course, pink is not everybody’s color. In addition to pastels, spring will have you seeing budding leaves and growing grass—there are a number of cases out there to compliment Mother Nature. “Icewear” line from Tunewear cases (think about all the ice melting) has a bunch of vibrant colors for their protective shells. Nice honeycomb design, silicon material and tablet screen protector included make this a good way to kick off the season.

Tunewear iPad IceWear Case

Careful, April Showers!

If you can’t take the cabin fever anymore and have to be outside even when it is raining then all you need to think of is one word: waterproof tablet cases . Luckily, there are a few options when it comes to case designs for keeping your tablet dry.

The "Universal" from DryCASE is a nice option for any tablet—I find it useful for not just using the tablet while covered but mainly for when I’m riding my bike in the rain while carrying the tablet. Even though I have a rain protector for my backpack, this waterproof case provides peace of mind while freeing you to ride when you want.

DryCASE Universal

Spring, the season of lovers.

OK, so spring and fertility. Enough said. So why not get your special someone a loving gift? I already have a couple cases, but I just got this “G2 Book Case” from GermanMade as gift—so cool! One of the most interesting cases out there with its dual level style. Something I wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself, but a great gift to receive from my girlfriend.

GemanMade G2 iPad 2 Book Case

But ladies, these gifts are just for men . You can always drop subtle hints to your special guy by leaving a webpage open on his internet browser. Maybe leave a few of your favorite case pages open so he has some options to choose from (hey, help us guys out a little bit! Ladies can be hard to buy for!)

If you are looking to kill two birds with one stone and also score a purse+case, then the Happy Owl Studio cases is what you are looking for.

Happy Owl Studio The Clutch

What’s your Sign?

Let’s not forget that spring is also the time of Aries, the best of all zodiac signs (typical Aries thing to write, yeah?). If you have a friend, loved one, family member born between March 20th-April 20th, then you might want to think of an appropriate Aries-characteristic case (think: blunt, fearless, extroverted, straight-on). “Drop Tech Series” from Gumdrop Cases is THE case for the Aries (or those of you that have an inner-Aries). It is bold, tough, extreme and certainly fearless.

Gumdrop Cases iPad 2 the Drop Tech Series Case

Can’t Decide?

OK, so lots of choices it seems. Sometimes though, it is hard to find the exact design that suits you. Some cases are too plain, some are too crazy, some are too Hello Kitty cases. If nothing is looking good, perhaps it is time to take things into your own hands and design the case yourself.

Brookyln-Berlin based company Caseable has the solution for you with their "Book Jacket" and "Sleeve". With Caseable, all you have to do is upload your own photo (or choose from a pre-generated design), adjust text if you want and you have yourself a fully visually customized case. Not a bad price as well.

Caseable iPad 2 Custom Book Jacket

Ahh, spring time. Is there a better a season?

Tablet Insight is a weekly column by Thomas Andersen that focuses on the innovative tablet uses and considers what is the most compatible and necessary tablet case.
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