Top 5 Tablet Back Protectors

Top 5 Back Protectors

For basic protection of the tablet while in use, a good (and usually inexpensive) solution may be found in tablet back protectors . To assist in searching, Tablet2Cases has compiled a list of the Top 5 Tablet Back Protectors based on our research and reviews. Read on for some smart choices in this case style, and remember to watch your back!

1. Happy Owl Studio Leather Shell Protector Case – Buy Now for $35.99

Designed and marketed as a case for women , this Happy Owl Studio product is hardly about style only. Firming up the leather exterior and protecting the tablet’s back – and keeping the case’s weight low – is a polycarbonate frame. The Leather Shell Protector is specifically designed for the Apple iPad 2 and happily is even compatible with Smart Covers . All in all, this Happy Owl Studio tablet case a sleek-looking yet tough tablet back protector.

Happy Owl Studio iPad 2 The Leather Shell Protector Case

2. Capdase iPad 2 Soft Jacket Xpose – Buy Now for $23.95

The biggest perk in the Soft Jacket Xpose from Capdase: the tablet stand that allows easy video viewing with 10 (!) viewing angles which also serves as a protective front cover. But that’s not all, as they say. This nicely grippable Capdase tablet case also includes a screen protector and is available at a quite reasonable price. An excellent choice among the abundance of the Apple iPad 2 cases.

Capdase iPad 2 Soft Jacket Xpose

3. Case-Mate iPad 2 Barely There Smart Cover-Compatible Back Protector – Buy Now for $35

The hard rubber tablet back protector from Case-Mate is among the tops in iPad 2 cases thanks in part to its nicely impact-resistant hard coating. As the name implies, the look of this form-fitting Case-Mate tablet case provides great grippability for such an incredibly thin cover: It’s truly “Barely There”! Also of note for Apple tablet users is this one’s compatibility with Smart Covers.

Case-Mate iPad 2 Barely There

4. Paul Frank Themed iPad 2 Protector Case – Buy Now for $19.95

Who can resist those too-cute animals of Paul Frank’s children’s books? While not exactly appropriate for a business setting, this hard plastic protective shell will be loved by kids for the look and by parents for the suggested retail price as low as $20. For a basic back protector to defend against scratches, dings and bumps while bringing out smiles, the Protector Case from Paul Frank tablet cases is a good choice.

Paul Frank Themed iPad 2 Protector Case

5. Snugg iPad 2 Squared Skinny Fit Protective Case – Buy Now for $19.99

“Durability” is the key word in describing the Squared Skinny-Fit tablet back protector from Snugg. The rubberized silicon protects quite well against fairly extreme elements like dirt, scratches, water, bumps, and droppage. Better yet, the grip offered by the 3D square-tiled pattern of The Snugg tablet case is excellent. This back protector is built to last while being pleasing for the user throughout.

The Snugg iPad 2 Squared Skinny Fit Protective Case

For more information and product reviews on our top 5 tablet back protectors and similar cases, please refer to the Tablet2Cases wiki page on back protectors .
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