Top 5 Shoulder Bags

Top 5 Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags for the tablet have become a necessary accessory for those often on the go. Demand has produced quite a fair range of models within the tablet shoulder case realm, with producers offering distinctive-looking bags with the more functionality, the better.

From among the field, Tablet2Cases has compiled a list of the top five shoulder bags out there today. Check out these ways to carry the tablet with a maximum of protection and style.

1. The Happy Owl Studio iPad 2 Clutch Women’s Portfolio – Buy Now for $74.99

From the start with 100% genuine leather material to the finish of a full-on organizer, the Clutch from Happy Owl Studio is one all-purpose tablet case that looks great. In addition to carrying any needed accessories (for the iPad or personal life itself), the Happy Owl Studio tablet case also features flawless design in the adjustable shoulder strap which makes it a marvel to carry anywhere.

Happy Owl Studio iPad 2 The Clutch

2. The iBaggs iPad 2 Traveler2 Plus Case – Buy Now for $59.95

In addition to serving as a handy carry-all for iPad tablets and some accessories, the Traveler2 Plus Case from iBaggs sports a double tablet stand feature and a hand strap with additional use as a tablet car mount . For use, iBaggs tablet case also includes a screen shield for additional protection. A nice tablet case at rest or on the move.

iBaggs iPad 2 Traveler2 Plus

3. The Wardmaster Guitar Tablet Shoulder Bag – Buy Now for $64.95

Wardmaster provides a cool look alongside top-quality protection and portability in its Guitar Tablet Shoulder Bag. The skin is made of sturdy synthetics while the tablet rests firmly in a nice velveteen interior. Craftsmanship is key here, and this Wardmaster tablet case is quite a nice deal in its price range.

Wardmaster Guitar Tablet Shoulder Bag

4. The iPad 2 Zebra Striped Case with Shoulder Strap – Buy Now for $17.95

Those looking for something eye-catching need go no further down this list. One would be hard-pressed to find anything within the world of tablet cases that looks more unique than the black-and-white styling of this one. And not only the look matters: The Zebra-Striped Case is made of scratch- and water-resistant polyurethane .

iPad 2 Zebra Striped Case with Shoulder Strap

5. The Sherpa Carry iPad Case – Buy Now for $49.99

Though perhaps more accurately called a book tablet case , the iPad case from Sherpa Carry boasts a shoulder strap better than many traditional shoulder case models. Plus, the case itself may be folded into a tablet stand offering various viewing angles. Bulkiness is no problem, either, as this case is one of the slimmest within the shoulder tablet case range.

Sherpa Carry iPad Case

More information on our Top 5 Sleeves or other models in the world of tablet sleeves may be found right here at Tablet2Cases. Please refer to our Shoulder Cases wiki page for reviews, news and more information on this style of tablet carrier.
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