Established 1992
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Zenus is an American brand established in 1992 as a maker of high-quality accessories for mobile electronics devices. The company specializes in premium leather accessories for smartphones and lately has also turned its attention to Zenus cases. The manufacturer strives to serve its customers with high-quality products designed to enhance the way users interact with their gadgets every day and bring 100% satisfaction in any situation.

Tablet owners looking to buy Zenus tablet cases have lots of choices on their hands. The company makes accessories for the iPad 2 and later generations as well as iPad Minis, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and Kindle Fires. Their styles include tablet folio cases, tablet screen protectors, tablet portfolio cases, and tablet sleeves. The cases are available in a number of attractive designs and color patterns and are priced between $40 and $200.

Superior quality, a wide range of designs and colors, as well as functional construction, makes Zenus tablet cases extremely popular with a wide base of tablet owners ranging from Apple devices to Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Kindle Fires. Affordable pricing range allows every tablet owner to select a device accessory that best suits their budget and style.