Tablet Insight: Mouthwatering Kitchen Tablet Cases Spur Home Cooking

Tablets & Cases in the kitchen

The tablet has entered many parts of daily life for many people, so why should it not become an asset in your kitchen?

The rise of App Culture certainly fuels the entrance of tablets—particularly the iPad models—into cooking life, so it is essential to think about what cases will help out when you place your tablet next to a boiling pot of pasta.

Some have gone so far as to reconstruct kitchen cabinet doors in order for a tablet to be specially mounted as another part of their cooking area. However, not all of us have these carpentry skills so we must rely on case designers to help us integrate expensive technology into potentially hazardous arenas.

Instructional Videos

Ever wanted to impress your friends with a meal? Take over family responsibilities for an evening? Instructional cooking videos (like Jamie Oliver's "Meals in 30 Minutes") can be fantastically simple and helpful professional guides in your kitchen. For these types of step-by-step videos, which are mostly hands off, a simple tablet stand or portfolio design works the best.

Recipe Book

Popular among new apps are recipe books that take advantage of a tablet's e-reader function. These recipe managers help aggregate recipes from websites you've visited while others can keep track of your online grocery shopping. But when you're preparing a meal while simultaneously using the tablet, things can get messy. Crucial here is a screen protector combined with a stand . If you do not want to invest in a screen protector, then I would suggest a number of cases that have an integrated cleaning mechanism for after cooking clean up.


I’ve seen many people multitask while doing dishes in order to relieve the boredom and monotony of scrubbing plates. A tablet can be the perfect addition where a laptop is just too big to fit or too dangerous to be near your sink. For this use though, you would want to be sure that you are not endangering your tablet to stray water splashes or steam from the hot water. For this protection, look into basic waterproof and moisture resistance offered by Wardmaster cases like the iPad 2 X-Fit Stand Case.

Wall Mounts & Magnet-integrated Cases

Woodford Design FridgepadIn lieu of some of these options for stands or folios, you may find yourself only in need of combining your cases magnetic features to your refrigerator. Apple’s Smart Cover (buy it now for $33.89), although not high on protection, is easily attached to your fridge to give you a flatscreen advantage while cooking, doing dishes or just entertaining friends in the kitchen. The Woodford fridge pad also uses magnets for you to mount your tablet in a more secure manner—built to even withstand door slams. Also check out the iPad 2 Belkin Fridge Mount for $35.96 & PadTab iPad Mounting System for $19.99.

Music while cooking

Some music just inspires good cooking—while you don’t need a special case for this, make sure to check out that your case’s speaker grill isn’t covered up and won’t muffle the sound so you can fully transform your kitchen with your tablet.

Bon appetite!

Tablet Insight is a weekly column by Thomas Andersen that focuses on the innovative tablet uses and considers what is the most compatible and necessary tablet case.
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