Top 5 Smart Cover-compatible cases

Top 5 Smart Cover Compatible Cases

Few accessories for any tablet have become as necessary as the Smart Cover has for Apple iPad users. This handy, flexible and convenient item is essentially a must-have for the Apple zombie – as is a tablet case compatible with the ‘Cover’. For these tablet owners, Tablet2Cases has compiled a list of the Top 5 Smart Cover-compatible cases based on our research and reviews. Read on for five ways to enjoy the advantages of the Smart Cover along with some solid protection for the iPad.

1. The ZeroChroma iPad 2/New iPad Vario-SC 360 Degree Theater Stand Case – Buy Now for $49

ZeroChroma tablet cases have got an angle on Smart Cover-compatible cases – at least 14 of them, to be precise. Made for the video-first user, the Vario-SC 360 Degree case offers an incredible sturdy rotating stand of hard plastic . The back protector is made of rubber for good grippability and further support.

ZeroChroma iPad 2 / iPad 3 Vario-SC 360 Degree Theater Stand Case

2. The Happy Owl Studio iPad 2 Leather Shell Protector Case – Buy Now for $35.99

Designed for the ladies, Happy Owl Studio tablet cases offer Smart Cover-compatibility plus high-grade leather in this tablet case. Polyurethane makes up the frame to give the iPad extra protection and the solid construction of this model implies it should last for a good long time – longer than many hard tablet cases – as well.

Happy Owl Studio iPad 2 The Leather Shell Protector

3. The Case-Mate iPad 2 Barely There Smart Cover Compatible Back Protector – Buy Now for $35

Call it the Smart Cover’s long-lost brother: Basically a twin to the Smart Cover, the “Barely There” back protector from Case-Mate tablet cases lives up to its name with a sheer fit for the Apple iPad 2 that brings extra protection and grippability at a super low weight. It’s true – you’ll barely know it’s there...

Case-Mate iPad 2 Barely There

4. The Mach 3 Composites iPad 2/New iPad Carbon Fiber Back Protector – Buy Now for $67.95

A shell comprised of ABS material and carbon fiber plate inlay plus an interior lining of soft felt for shock absorption, the Mach 3 Composites tablet case is a durable solution particularly for the iPad 2. Our reviewer did note that this tablet case doesn’t *quite* fit the Apple new iPad perfectly, however.

Mach 3 Composites iPad 2 / iPad 3 Carbon Fiber Back Protector

5. The Marware MicroShell iPad 2 Protector – Buy Now for $21.83

For lots of protection for little money, the MicroShell protector from Marware tablet cases makes an ideal solution for some iPad 2 users. And it’s so trim, too, at just 1.7 millimeters thick and 3.6 ounces in weight. Plus, it comes in a nice selection of great-looking colors including black, white, silver, red and pink.

The Marware MicroShell case

More information, news and reviews are available on these Top 5 Smart Cover-compatible tablet cases as well as similar models here at Tablet2Cases. Please see our Smart Covers wiki page.
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